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Council Meetings are held in the library (north west corner of the basement) at 7:00 P.M.

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May 8th Minutes - Draft

- agenda & minutes approved
- no student council report

Principals report
- CHEO fundraiser raised xxx
- Music night excellent, well attended
- projected numbers for next year in line with current student population, boundary changes have affected a few students but they have been "grandfathered"
- Parent information night on preparing for post secondary education success, suggestion that we hold annually in auditorium
- prom tickets more affordable this year, $100,  after prom outside school jurisdiction
- grade 12 commencement June 30, 2 tickets per family additional tickets via waiting list
- will go ahead with film on auditorium windows will further explore idea of framing historic windows on top of new ones as suggested by glebe community & historic experts on committee organized by Sharon C. Windows belong to board so no opportunity for fundraising.

- no teacher/VP report

- anything on wheels sale raised $800+ for prom. Student-run bike tune up great success
- will set up table to sell scarves at commencement - need volunteers who are not grade 12 parents to sell

- need idea of how to allocate fundraising dollars for next year, Carol m has prepared draft proposal

- 3 vacant positions next year - Chair, Secretary (both parents have last student graduating) and Fundraising (Caroline C agreed to kick start 2 years ago, will step down but still help on committee)
- reminder strawberry social


- further discussion re school boundary changes and parent council fraud/theft and how to protect against it


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