Safety in Schools ... many links

The Safe Schools Act was first introduced in 2000, and continues to be a key part of a comprehensive Safe Schools strategy undertaken by the current Ontario government.

The Ministry of Education has recently developed a number of new materials to help parents understand the initiative and answer their questions about school safety.

The following are links to a few key documents that might be of interest to your school council members and school parent community.
Making Ontario's Schools Safer:  What Parents Need to Know
Parents' Guide to the Ontario Code of Conduct
Suspension and Expulsion: What Parents Need to Know
Progressive Discipline: A new approach to help make schools safer
Bullying: We Can All Help Stop It - A Guide for Parents of Elementary and Secondary School Students   (Note:  This Guide is available in 22 languages)
Various other documents can be downloaded at
Over the years the OCDSB has also developed and revised its applicable Safe School policies and procedures, which can be found at the following link:
OCDSB Safe Schools Information Sheet is located at:
Do not hesitate to speak to your school principal, your Superintendent of Instruction, or the Safe Schools and Community Outreach Coordinator if you have further questions.