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December OCASC Meeting and Potluck

OCDSB Speaker Series

OCDSB Budget Process

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New OCASC Constitution

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December OCASC Meeting & Potluck
The December OCASC meeting is scheduled for Thursday December 17.   It has become tradition that our December meeting includes a little holiday celebration.

This year, we are inviting people to bring a little something to help us celebrate – a Holiday Potluck.  OCASC will provide plates, napkins, cutlery, glasses and drinks.  If you have a traditional holiday specialty, we would love for you to introduce it to us.  Let’s see how many different cultures we can celebrate together!

Our meeting will take place at the normal place and time – 7:00 p.m. at the Fisher Park School Library.    Hope to see you there.  Questions? Please contact Anne Teutsch

November Draft Minutes now available for viewing

OCDSB Speaker Series

The OCDSB is working in partnership with OCASC to present an evening of information and discussion on Assessment and Evaluation on December 10.  Professor Garfield Gini-Newman, will be the keynote speaker.

This evening will be geared towards grades 9 to 12, but parents of all students are welcome and invited.  Please note that the presentation will replace the regularly scheduled December OCASC Secondary Schools Committee (SSC) meeting. Check out the event flyer for complete more information.

OCDSB Budget Process

The OCDSB faces an estimated shortfall of $14 million in their 2010/2011 budget.   OCDSB Chief Financial Officer Michael Clarke explains that of the total budget of approximately $700 million, only about $100 million is available to juggle to find the $14 million in savings that is needed to balance the budget.

Both the OCDSB and OCASC recognize and share the concerns that facing cuts of $14 million will cause parents, students, teachers, and, in fact, everyone involved in education.  OCASC wants to play a role in the budget process that includes helping to inform parents about budget issues and options for cuts.  We want to approach this from the perspective that informed parents can give informed feedback to the school board.  To that end, OCASC wants to provide parents with budget information on an ongoing basis from now until budget decisions are made, through OCASC news and the OCSCA website.

If you have a budget related topic or question that you would like to learn more about, please let us know – it will help us to know what topics to cover in our information sharing.

School Yard Play Structures
As part of our Chalk It Up session at the November OCASC meeting, there was a discussion on school yard play structures.The questions raised concerned fundraising for play structures, grant opportunities, companies to work with, pitfalls to be aware of, issues related to rural schoolyards with septic systems.  Many schools had valuable information to contribute.

At the meeting we agreed to have people e-mail the Chair with information to compile and put up on the OCASC website.  If you have experience with play structures – fundraising, grants, pitfalls, successes, companies, rural concerns, please send  information so that we can make it available to all!

New OCASC Constitution
An updated OCASC constitution was approved by the Assembly at the November meeting.  For anyone interested, you can view the constitution on the OCASC website.

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