Join the discussion on Gifted Education in the Ottawa Carleton District School Board (OCDSB)

A parent group has set up a wikispace to create an informed lobby group—more information is at the bottom of this page.  The group consists of parents throughout Ottawa.
BACKGROUNDThe OCDSB is proposing changes to its congregated gifted program. The most recent report on the Secondary Gifted Program recommends that the gifted program at Glebe be discontinued as of September 2011, with Bell and Merivale as the remaining choices for gifted French immersion.

The report also includes this statement: "…it is recommended that a phasing out of secondary gifted centres begin and that parents, staff, and community members are informed that it is an expectation of the Ottawa-Carleton District School Board that all secondary schools meet the needs of all students including gifted students, as many currently do." –OCDSB Report 10-001
The report (Report no. 10-001) can be found on the OCDSB website. To view the report:
-Go to
-Click on the "About Us" link at the top left and toggle down to the Board of Trustees link and then click on Agendas
-At the next page, click on the link to "click here for meeting calendar and agendas"
-Select the March 2010 calendar and then select the Education Committee link on March 23rd.
-This will bring up the Education Committee agenda for March 23rd, and the Secondary Gifted Review report is item no. 7 on the agenda. The hyperlink will take you to a PDF of the report.

April 19 —OCDSB Education Committee will again discuss and likely vote on the Report 10-001 and its recommendations to close some gifted centres. Parents can make a presentation, ask a question, or simply attend to show their concern. (7:30 p.m., 133 Greenbank Rd.) If you believe a congregated setting (specialized classes) is important for gifted students and worth fighting for, please get involved and join us. Spread the word about these recommendations to other parents of gifted children.

The group has created a wikispace for people to join.  You can share your views in the Discussion section and find updates and background information.
Contact your trustee and express your concerns.  Contact information for all the school board trustees is on the OCDSB website.  Click on About Us, then Board of Trustees, then Meet Your Trustees
If you wish to join the wiki, please contact us at:

Thank you for your attention.

Peter Miller (Glebe parent)