Vote for Coach Dillabaugh!

Our own Glebe CI coach Dillabaugh is one of the top finalists in the Brooks North American Coach of the year competition.  As you'll see, many many Glebe teachers, parents and students believe he should win.  If you agree, and would like both Glebe CI, and coach Dillabaugh, to have this honour, please vote by clicking here.

More information on Coach Dillabaugh:
Coach Kirk Dillabaugh’s coaching is defined by his ability to get to truly know each and every one of his student athletes. “I saw him use five different strategies for five different kids to motivate them,” wrote a parent, describing Dillabaugh’s coaching methodology. His team’s successes are evidence of his effective coaching as the team has won 10 of the past 11 National Capital Regional Championships. Athletes from other sports are even known to sign up for track because of the Coach Dillabaugh’s excellent reputation and the incredible team atmosphere he has created. Expounding on Coach Dillabaugh’s coaching, another parent wrote, “inspiring literally is the word that everyone uses about Coach Dillabaugh. I have heard students say that he has a smile that could light up a room and indeed he does seem to carry a light inside that guides and inspires his students.