Announcing the Glebe Institute Fund

Glebe offers our children one of the best educations in the province. Yet if you take the opportunity to tour the school, you will see that many of the school's 93 year old  indoor and outdoor facilities are sorely in need of a facelift!

This year, with your help, we can begin to change that.

School Council is launching a trust, called the Glebe Institute Fund (GIF), used to finance new facilities for the school. One of the first projects we will support is the transformation of the school library into a Learning Commons. Our first official event this fall will be a school social and tour, led by our principal, France Thibeault. (Details on the project & event to come.)

You can help in several ways:


  • Have your say! Our new Fundraising Committee will plan and manage events throughout the year. We need committee members to contribute to our short- and long term fundraising plan. The commitment is 2 hours/month.
  • Help out! Volunteer to support our fundraising events. Your commitment can be as much time as you can manage. This is also a great way to network with other Glebe families.
  • Donate! No time to volunteer? Consider contributing to the GIF, and encouraging family members and alumni to contribute as well. Our online donation system is "under construction," so for now please write a cheque payable to Glebe School Council. Any amount is appreciated.


To join the Fundraising committee or our events volunteer roster, please contact Caroline Coady, at "c.c.coady at". For more information about School Council, please contact Bethany Sutton ("bsutton at") or Carol Malatesta.


Thank you for your support.

Glebe School Council