OCDSB Speaker Series: Inspire and Motivate Learners to develop Resiliency and Advocacy Skills through Technology

2016-04-07 19:00
2016-04-07 21:00

Learn how assistive technologies can open a door to independence and academic success for your child. DJ Cunningham’s passion and expertise grows out of a deep personal understanding of learning disabilities. He has been a user of assistive technologies for the past 10 years and has trained hundreds of students and led numerous training workshops.

DJ Cunningham , CEO of LEARNstyle says, “I have come to embrace challenge. Challenge, is what make me feel alive. Being diagnosed with a learning disability and ADHD in grade 4, I have experienced challenge all of my life. Dealing with this life of challenge has resulted in me becoming a master of resiliency. No challenge is too big. Be challenged, live life large.”

Longfields-Davidson Heights Secondary School, Auditorium, 149 Berrigan Drive

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Develop Resiliency and Advocacy Skills through Technology1.11 MB