1967 Glashan Centennial Project

1967 Glashan Maquette of 1864 Quebec Conference

A request from the former Glashan teacher now working on behalf of the Museum of History:

In 1967, to celebrate Canada's Centennial, Glashan students created a Maquette (model) of the 1864 Quebec Conference, a precursor conference in the process that led to confederation. Students volunteered their noon hours and March break hoiidays to work on the project, which was displayed, with other projects from other schools, at Landsdowne Park. Since then it has been in storage at the Canadian Museum of History. It is fifty years later and the Museum is celebrating Canada's 150th birthday (sesquicentennial) with an exhibit that they hope will contain this maquette. The museum has been working to restore it to its original state.

Photos of the project can be found on here on Facebook.

The museum of History is looking for former students who would have taken part in the project. If you know someone in one of these photos, their first names or married names, or have any useful leads, please pass them on through the phone number or email address in the last photo in the Facebook album.