Roll Out Your Rims to Support Glebe CI Fundraiser

2017-04-30 09:18

The Glebe CI Prom Committee is organizing an "Anything on Wheels" fundraiser, in partnership with Hopewell PS, Sunday, April 30th from 9am to noon at Hopewell School.  This is a great opportunity to pass on your gently used spring/summer gear to a good home, make a profit, and support our two largest community schools – Glebe Collegiate and Hopewell Ave. PS.

To sell your gently used wheels (bikes, strollers, rollerblades, skateboards, scooters  etc.), roll them on down to the Hopewell Ave PS garage, Saturday April 29th, from 2-5pm. Friendly parent and student volunteers will help you unload, set a price, choose the school to support (Hopewell/Glebe), and tag and display your items. Sunday, April 30th, beginning at 9am, volunteers will sell your equipment while you relax and enjoy your day or, even better, shop for new wheels at the sale. Once the sale ends, come by and pick up your profits and any unsold goods.

This fundraiser will support school council initiatives such as yard maintenance, health and safety workshops, and improving the technology in the schools. This year Glebe's profits will go toward the Glebe CI prom, with the goal of making it more inclusive, affordable and accessible. Glebe students will also be on hand to provide bike maintenance advice/demonstrations.


Thank you for supporting our community schools!