Six Steps for School Success

Glebe Collegiate – Where we Strive for the Heights!



  1. Get involved in SOMETHING at school! Find you place in whatever interests you but participate in something. Give back to your community – Make your 40 hours of community service something that resonates with you.


  1. Get off your social media/screens. Determine limits for yourself and STICK TO THEM.. Get help from your parents and friends if you need to

  2. Make a schedule for your due dates, your homework, upcoming tests/assignments, and make time in your life for the work, and leave time for you!


  1. Become physically active – any pursuit you like will do, but do it. Take time to develop your “inner life” – in whatever form is yours. Sleep, eat health, say no to drugs.


  1. Find a way to get involved in your subjects: read other things about the subject, test your limits,- take notes, make a blog, create a study group.


  1. Talk about school with your parents – teach them about the new things you’ve learned – share with your younger sisters and brothers. Communicate with adults – get another point of view from that of your friends.

(Thanks to our principal, France Thibault, for putting these together)